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My Sweet Shop!

So let’s just excuse the fact that I haven’t been uploading and let’s get on with the blog!

So since sunday (2 days ago) I have made a sweet shop were I sell sweets! 1 sweet for 10p which is a reasonable price and over the 2 days I have made like £16.00 and as I’m writing this I’m sat in my strange shop thing hoping for more sales. Also I live in a place with barely anyone so it’s really hard to get people

You also may have been wondering what the shop thing looks like soo….

So I’m selling fruitellas’ fizzers snickers love hearts and more

So erm still here waiting for people. Only 2 cars have passed by in the past 15 minutes that’s it.

I see someone! And a car! Oh guess what they just walked straight by me. I wish I could move to a more highly populated place and the sales would be great. Like a park or something.

Litterally 1 hour later still nothing I’m guessing everyone is on holiday and it’s a Tuesday also another weird thing is that… wait I see a car.. its driving slow. It just pulled up next to me! +50p and another 10p! That’s like 60p in 2 minutes wow. Well what I was going to say was that all the women see my sign and just act like they didnt see it then drive by but the men normally look at me and actually smile which is odd.

Ok so umm I’m sat here and loo to my left and I see a dad running after his what looks like his 6 year old son on a quad bike. Very strange.

At this rate if I got 60p a day in would get £219 by the end of a year.

Woah so I have had 3 customers now 1 gave me 10p 1 gave me 50p and the other one just gave me £3 since they heard of this shop thing from their daughter who gave me the 50p what a coincidence.

I’m now on £3.60.

And I didn’t start quite late so yeah also it’s about to rain so this is all for today bye!

7 thoughts on “My Sweet Shop!

  1. You’re quite the entrepreneur today, cool!

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  2. I wish I lived near there, I’d buy the whole lot. It all looks so scrumptious. We don’t have the same candy here in the U.S.A, so the names are intriguing. 🍭

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I would have all the Fudges and all the Snickers. I love fudge/toffee/caramel type sweets.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Same but I dont really like snickers

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Good. More for me!

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