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Blade to Gun Episode 19 The Leadership Competition

After a couple years because many hundreds of years before they all had a drop of immortality they all came up with the idea that every 10 years there would be a competition to see who the next leader will be they will go through 5 main things, The greed test, Brave test, leadership test, strength test, and the logic test. Today was one of them days but Eartho new he could easily cheat. He went onto the first test the one that almost got him the whole bank of that town or everyone’s lives he mind tricked the examiner and went for the people. Second test the bravery, he didnt have to try for this one he was immortal and fearless . The third was leadership he had to go on a 25 mile hike and with keep his group of 10 people happy and fine he did it successfully and did not get a scratch. Next was the strength test he had to survive for 30 days straight with nothing but a sharp dagger. He did this using some powers like starting fire with his mind and killing things by just looking at them. The last test was logic he bypassed this knowing he was cheating by turning the paper of questions into an answer sheet.

The Overwatchers watched as they knew it wasn’t actually him doing these “powers” it was them yet Eartho thought he was one of a kind

See what happens next on rowen881’s blogging channel…

3 thoughts on “Blade to Gun Episode 19 The Leadership Competition

  1. Hey there Ben. Were did you go?

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    1. Pretty much I found that I loved doing videos on youtube were I got a mass following of like 2300 and I will still be doing that so yeah and also I have been doing exams and stuff

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      1. Such a clever young man you are. OK, well don’t forget us lowly followers who aren’t on youtube. 🙂

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