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Filey Days 4 And 5

So we started off day by walking from the bay which is where we are staying all the way to filey beach which is about 3 miles away. When we got there we bought a crab each to eat and a ton of donuts like a lot a lot of donuts. I then drew my youtube channel name in the sand very big and actually got a few followers from it, it was very funny to see people’s reaction to reading it. We then went up to the playground where there is this weird swing looming thing which makes you hover very high in the air, we also went on these go kart motorbike things which were fun to crash into people. We later went fishing out in the freezing cold when the tide was all the way in. We caught a flat fish

Day 5

We woke up and went straight to South landing which is a beach full of rock pools we caught so many small fish and only 1 decent sized crab. We then went to Flamborough lighthouse and bought some flash bang throw things which blow up when you throw them on the floor We then went to Bridlington and went crabbing and caught some huge crabs and also fed the seagulls some shrimps. After our fish and chips for dinner we went fishing and caught 1 flat fish


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