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Filey Day 2 And 3

I had a decent sleep woke up and ate some bacon, we all later then got ready and went down to the beach where I made a dam the  we walked up and down the beach where me and me brother found an old ww2 bunker which we explored. We alter buried our feet In the floor and whe I tried to walk away my feet got trapped and my wellies got trapped and filled with water, we then stacked some stones and moved on. Also a couple days before we had arrived someone had drove a car off a cliff next to the place we were staying at.

We then went to play table tennis and then tennis but the best thing of the day was when after dinner me and my dad went down to the beach, I had a beach fire whilst he went fishing, we caught 2 flatfish.

Day 3

We woke up hoping to go to our lazer clay shooting activity that we had booked but it had broken so we couldnt, so we they then got a free session of electric go karts with my brother as compensation. That was fun, my brother then crashed into a tennis court net and did like a flip and fell off his go kart. We then made pumpkins for Halloween and went swimming, we chased a life guard around the pool with a bucket full of water which I may have got his trainers soaked with. Also I am sorry for no pictures, I have ran out of wordpress sto


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