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At Filey – The Bay!

I have been here before like 1 or 2 years ago, filey is located on the east side of England next to Scarborough and Bridlington.

My mum, me, my brother and my dad are staying here for 1 week we plan to go fishing maybe sea fishing.

We are staying in a small little house with 2 bedrooms and a merged kitchen and living room, yeah that’s it pretty small. I might do daily updates on what we do throughout our stay so be tuned.

This place is down right next to the sea and has many activities to do such as archery and lazer clay shooting.


7 thoughts on “At Filey – The Bay!

  1. Filey is located on the east side.

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      1. you put it wrong in your blog

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  2. You have your map upside down!

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    1. Atleast if it was I still got it right


      1. Except you didn’t. Filey is on the east coast.

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