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Competing In The World Triathlon Championship!

So i did this last year and i also did it this year (yesterday) .

Skip this paragraph if you know what a triathlon is.

A Triathlon is 3 sports, swimming, cycling and running all after each other, so in a race you start by swimming a long distance, go to transition and get your bike, cycle a very long distance then put your bike back in transition and do the very long distance running.

So here is what happened.

First we all lined up:

This isn’t me but it shows what it looked like.

Then we got in the water and they let us adjust to the temperature of the water then the fog horn went off and we swam 400m. The only problem is that it was VERY cold and no i didnt swim in a pool it was a lake. Very cold, very wet.

After swimming through merky cold green water with hundreds of people cheering at me and clapping I went to transition. As u was running there and taking my swim cap off and goggles.

Here’s me getting out and shouting “I wish i could say it’s warm I’m there!”

Since the run from the swim and transition was so long, as I was taking off my wet suit it kept falling down and then I finnaly got there and by that time my wet suit had fallen down to my ankles and had to bunny hop across to my bike.

I got my wetsuit off, put my race belt, shoes, helmet on then ran with my bike to the mount line, I then got on my bike and cycled up a very steep hill across several roads with crowds gathering all around and big fancy cameras pointing at me.

I then did a few kilometres of bike then got back to transition put my bike back up on the rack took off my helmet and got running, I immediately had a massive stitch and sharp pains all around me, my legs failing to be used any longer. I ran a couple more kilometres and even stroked a duck on the way, then headed down to the finish line. Hundreds were sat down on stands cameras pointed at me and the commentator saying my name and everyone cheering as I did a cartwheel over the finish line.

4 thoughts on “Competing In The World Triathlon Championship!

  1. Love that you did a cartwheel across the line.

    Helen agrees with you. Lake swims are very cold and very wet.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah cartwheels are my tradition, it’s what I’m known for!


  2. Good job! šŸ†

    Liked by 1 person

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