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Trying To Predict The Next 50 Years

Lots Of Our Favourite Celebrity’s Will Be Long Gone, I May Be Long Gone and the new ways of becoming famous on social media will be very different and probably a lot easier. A sad truth is that a lot of terrorist attacks will probably happened and WW3 could have started along side of many other wars. Cars will mostly be electric and the medical world will be stronger and medical operations that couldn’t have been done before are possible. The risk of a nuclear war/disaster will rise and some countries will begin to fight over resources that will have become valuable or just resources they need.

These are just some things that might happen, What do you think might happen in 50 years?

6 thoughts on “Trying To Predict The Next 50 Years

  1. I bet in the next 50 years I will breathe

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  2. We were promised hover boards for 2015. I’m still waiting.

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  3. I’m trying to predict how much snow we’ll get tomorrow; let alone what might happen in 50 years time!

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  4. 20th Feb 2022 — 12:21 pm

    Wow thats a bit question. The simple answer is I don’t know but what I would like to see is everyone living in peace and harmony with one another. No more wars, no more nasty people just people being kind & caring.

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