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Our Wood Stove

In our house we just recently got a wood burner it is very good for keeping us warm through the winter and whenever it’s cold, here is a photo of it at chrismas

And one now

We bought 20 bags full of dry wood to use which cost £200+. We have to Chop up some wood from my dad’s work to use so we don’t have to pay for wood, the bags were just like a starter pack.

We would take turns putting the log on the stump to be smashed in half ready to be dried out over the year so we can use it when needed hopefully no leaks happen or that would be catastrophic.

That’s all from me now I just was not busy which is rare so here’s a blog for ya!I hope you have a great day!


1 thought on “Our Wood Stove

  1. Hi ben! I loved this epic blog! There is just one tiny fault though; in the sentence “I just was not busy which is rare so here’s a blog for ya!” there is an error, can you fix for me please? Thanks a bunch. Tom

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