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Meet The Gerbils!

So If Your Wondering what ‘Gerbils’ are they are like hampsters but smaller and faster. They are a very uncommon pet and in the wild they live in holes like meerkats eating worms and stuff.

So I have had the gerbils (Yes gerbils that means more that 1) I have had them for 5 months and they are 1.3 years old they live from 2 years to 4 years on average.

Their names are Brownie and Ghost.

That’s Ghost 👻
And that’s Brownie

Brownie is more scared and shy but Ghost climbs all over me and sometimes runs loose and climb up my arms.

Have you had any pets like this?

6 thoughts on “Meet The Gerbils!

  1. I have Rory the dog. He is like a gerbil, but bigger and more dog-like.

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    1. I never knew how much my gerbils really looked like dogs!


      1. We also have four chickens. They are not like gerbils; more like feathery dinosaurs.

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      2. Yes chicken’s are passed down relatives like dinosaurs


  2. 17th Nov 2021 — 10:52 am

    We used to have 2 Gerbils and I think they are better than Hamsters because they play throughout the day whereas Hamsters sleep all day and play at night.

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