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How To Make Some Easy Money

So first of all im going to tell you what I do then a guide. So what I do, is I buy like a bulk pack of sweets from Amazon for like £12.00 then re sell for 10p each and boom £17.00 profit, i also recently ordered duck food to sell. Because where i sell my stuff there are ducks. I will sell at like £1.20 a bag, an I bought for like £15.00 and there is 22 bags. 1.20 x 22 = £26.40 plus tips.

Your Guide:

So if you are young and have a bike and bag and spare money buy sweets or something and re-sell but if your a bit older consider having kids so they get you money. You could try do what I do but people might think you are a weirdo selling sweets from your bike to children. Another way you can make money is stocks and cryptocurrencies also online youtube channels and wordpress sites can earn you money. I have both a YouTube channel (4200 subscribers) and a wordpress account.

Another way to make money is selling random things you have on Ebay for lots because who knows it might be rare… also if you have a lot of garage sales usually people sell things cheap so you can also re sell for a profit.

Thanks for reading have a good day bye

2 thoughts on “How To Make Some Easy Money

  1. Hmmm. Maybe not the best reason to have kids 😂

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