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So right now I’m on holiday on a island called anglesey in Wales, the day before yesterday me and my dad put out a lobster net but we later found the line snapped overnight but I did find the net which had like 20 crabs in it.

So yesterday I put out the net again but instead of the trash line that we used to tie it up we used metal wire so there was no chance we would loose it this time… Well the next day (Today) we came back and I pulled out the net I immediately saw a tonne of crabs and and few small fish but then my dad said “There is a lobster” an then I saw the lobster and I screamed lobbbbsteerrrr and yeah here is some photos

But it was too small to keep so I put him back in the ocean!

2 thoughts on “I Caught A LOBSTER!

  1. Cool. They are incredible cretures.

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