My WordPress Diary The 31st, March,2021

So on this day we went out to the kinda local sculpture park and we met up with our friends, we walked down towards the big lake standing in sheep and goose poo all the way, the main thing about this day was the immense heat that had us all stripped off to our last layers, over here in the uk its either Too Hot or Too cold and the hot is rare whilst the cold is normal. We walked around the whole lake/dam and avoided wild bulls and stuff we then slowly walked up towards the savour, the ice cream place, i had a fab ice lolly and had a sip of my brothers drink which tasted like beer and I acted drunk. We then walked around a bit more then headed up a massive hill and went home.

But it doesnt end there, we then went on a waterslide and did a water fight and my brother got upset because he was wet knowing it was a WATER fight.

1 thought on “My WordPress Diary The 31st, March,2021

  1. Geese leave the worst poo! Worse than horses or dogs or anything else! Water slides are SO fun.:-)

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