My WordPress Diary Easter Day 5.4.21

So I woke up and like Christmas my mum wouldn’t let me or my brother go down stairs until both of us was ready.

We went down and there was a total of 14 massive easter eggs for us I got 7 he got 7

We then had breakfast and was about to do the easter egg hunt where we look at lots of clues for the next clue. There was about 35 clues pointing to the next clue and then it lead us to 4 more massive easter eggs

We then both rolled the dice to see who would get the first pick because there was 1 bigger than the rest. I got a 6 my brother got a 2 so I got first pick I choose the biggest rone obviously, but my brother was upset that I didnt give it to him so I did and he got the bigger one but then gave it back to me and I got to keep the bigger one.

2 thoughts on “My WordPress Diary Easter Day 5.4.21

  1. It sounds like so much fun! It was nice of you and your brother to give each other the bigger egg.

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  2. Brotherly love in action!😄

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