Film Review: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Yes the wild west classic, recently I’ve really been liking these old film no idea why. This film starts off by showing us each of the main 3 this is all set whilst the american civil war is under way in the 1800’s. The good and the ugly team up for most of this but whilst almost killing each other and waiting till the last second to save them. The main plot Is that there is a graveyard with a coffin containing 200,000 dollars but that was in the 1800s so probably a LOT more now. It’s a massive race to find the coffin and the graveyard. At the end is a massive showdown between the 3 main people. It was quick draw and suddenly the good shot the bad and the ugly had a jammed gun so yeah they then both take 100,000 but not before the good almost kills the ugly with a hanging thing.

I rate this film 7.5/10

6 thoughts on “Film Review: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

  1. Great review! Whenever I think of this movie the soundtrack gets stuck in my head.:-)

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  2. An American classic👍🏻

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      1. You might like “ The Magnificent Seven” now a newer version is available, but the original is also good.

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