Smashing My Decking!

I did not do this without confirmation.

So we have new house plans for this year but for them to start we have to get rid of our 18 year old decking with spiders and rats. I enjoyed doing this because I got to used a pick axe, I must say they are very heavy but after a while I had mastered it.

This is before

This is after

So we pretty wrecked it now people just steal the scraps of wood from it.

Also April fools

You thought we had finished, no next weekend we will get rid of the posts

4 thoughts on “Smashing My Decking!

  1. Well done:) You can celebrate next weekend……

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  2. Seeing the job in progress, it confirmed my view that it is useful to have men around What would we do without them?


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    1. Well I think the human race would end without them in many possible ways


  3. Well, I never!! You are well informed, Ben!


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