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I Won The Jackpot Twice Part 2

So this one takes place in the same caravan village and this time I was only like 8 and I was staying with my friend in the same caravan but we were playing music bingo and you marked the song off and if you got full house you won a big prize and if you got a row you got a small prize and you get in the big stage. As I started marking I was sure I would win and after about 5 mins I shouted infront of like 300 people BINGOOOOO and the room looked at me, the weird music stopped changing to a silent deadly tone, I walked to the stage and I gave them my bingo card and they said…. WE HAVE A FULL HOUSE WINNER!!! After the show they took me to the shop and said I can have anything for free so I chose this massive bear teddy and I still have it now.

1 thought on “I Won The Jackpot Twice Part 2

  1. That’s cool. You were so young, but the big bear serves to remind you of that fun day.:-)

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