I Won The Jackpot Twice Part 1

Ok first of all not the lottery, I’m 11. This story takes place at a holiday resort in thor wick bay with lots of caravans, me, my brother and my dad went there this year. We went there every year. I was the main area and my brother was watching a play on the big stage but I was like. Was is this garbage and i went to the arcade room! I had 50 pence in 2p so basically 25 coins. I was playing this game were you roll the coin and have to make things fall of. Like a tipping game with coins but I did some and after about 5 mins I suddenly striked gold! The machine went apsaloutly mental and started flashing all colours and then it read 500 Tickets!! I was litterally just amazed and shocked but since there was so much I couldnt bear to lose it all but I needed a pee!! So after only about 100 coming out (The machine was slow) my brother came to check on me, I ran at him and said stay there, guard my winnings! So after I had come back the machine was almost done and those tickets got me lots of sweets!

5 thoughts on “I Won The Jackpot Twice Part 1

  1. Woohoo, 100 tickets! The most I’ve ever one in one of those games is 20.:-)

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    1. OMGosh, I just realized you said 500, not just the 100 that started coming out. Whoa, that’s awesome.

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  2. Thank goodness for brothers to guard your winnings when you got to pee! ❤🥳

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    1. Yes well done to him I wouldn’t of gone if I wasnt so desperate!

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