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If You Live Somewhere Rather Cold…

In around February and January we had on and off snow and ice over in England and since it was cold and water gets frozen we did somethings, We filled normal Balloons with water and left them outside to freeze and the plan was that after about 10 hours (I put mine outside at 10pm-8am) It would have turned into a ball of ice…. Well that didn’t really happen. It just froze the outside of the balloon not the whole thing and when I popped the balloon with a pin I realised one side had cracked open and that meant the frozen balloon thing had turned into a bowl….

Well that didn’t go to plan

2 thoughts on “If You Live Somewhere Rather Cold…

  1. Still, it was an interesting experiment. I am surprised that you were not interested in my last post, as you didn’t comment. Obviously, you are not “one of us”, as so many wonderful reviews show that classic literature, not to mention Baloo’s unforgettable dance, is loved by so many readers from all over the world.

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  2. 😆😁😄


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