Movie Review: Terminator 1 and 2


So this film is the first of a nice saga, we se that 2 people get teleported back in time from the future to kill and protect Sarah Connor, If you don’t know all ready the terminator is a robot who gets set missions and for film to kill her. It is a robot with tough metal and flesh around the outside. And also his sayings like, come with me if you want to live! or Ill be back. Or Hasta La visa baby! About mid way through this film Sarah Connor falls in love with her protector. But the terminator doesn’t stop their, the final bit of the film is held in a factory and Sarah Connors Protector Sacrifices his life to save her. Then she finishes Him off by crushing him in a hydraulic press. Later in the last parts of the film she finds out she is pregnant. The whole reason the terminator wanted to kill her was because she has a child who tries to stop the battle in 2029 were robots and humans fight. Also the terminator is played by Arnold Schwarzenegger and the terminator is a model T-800


So just like the last one 2 people appear from no where one of them is the previous terminator and the other is a new model that is almost invincible. At this time Sarah Connor is in a Facility for people who are crazy and her son thinks the terminator is not real and so does everybody else. The terminators try to locate john Connor (Her son) and the new model tries to kill him whilst the old tries to protect. One of my favourite parts in this movie is when the terminator says get behind me because the other terminator is trying to shoot at john but The good terminator saves him. John Teaches The good terminator to not kill people (Which is why he shoots peoples feet and says They will be okay)and also teaches him much more, at this point john realises his mum was right so they go to try and save her but by the time they got their she was all ready trying to escape, now they had everyone they need to try and stop the person who will create the robots for the war. They break into his house and they agree they will destroy the project he has been working on. The 2nd to last part they go somewhere but the police are surrounding the building that John, Sarah, The good terminator and the guy with the project, sadly the project guy dies but blows up the building destroying his stuff. They then escape to a factory where the good terminator almost dies but pushes the other terminator into some hot forge. They all almost die

3 thoughts on “Movie Review: Terminator 1 and 2

  1. The first one is one of my all time favorites.  I still get scared when she’s being chased at the end in the factory.😅
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