My Trip To Aviemore Day 3

This Day I met nessie, other wise called called the lock ness monster. So we set off from out cute wooden home and to the boat place. We arrived and it was like a canal with loads of small but long colourfull boats, we waited for a while, I played on an ankering post and then we went. The boat had monster crew incase the lock ness monster wanted to say hello. The boat was large and  had 2 floors but not a cruise ship, probably only able to have 50 people on board and of course there was tonnes of Scottish flags. As we set off we were surrounded by thick trees overlapping the lake that was expanding in the direction we were heading.  There was also lots of ruins along the way. Probably since scotland had a few castles. Fun fact I’m like half Scottish. As we got further out we could tell that this was massive, like apasoultly colossal. An yet again as we were going along the lake we spotted 2 things a big ruin of a castle and a litterall pirate ship that was yellow and had 2 tail sails. Then we went to the museum filled full of lock ness sightings and creepy old scuba diving stuff. Lots of old stuff. Then we went back home.

6 thoughts on “My Trip To Aviemore Day 3

  1. Hi Ben, a very informative and enjoyable account of your travels in Scotland. It is a shame that I had to miss the other two. You, being very intelligent, must have work it out by now, why?
    Still, it isn’t too late, remove the offending word, and I will be reading about your adventures with pleasure.
    Thank you.

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    1. Offending word? I cant seem to see any.


      1. Then your memory isn’t working well, Ben. I have close to a photographic memory and I can help you – the word you should not be using to start any sentence is “So”. And don’t tell me you are not a teacher, you are not, but
        I am, in this instance. You should always accept gratefully any advice given by a professional for free.
        Thank you.


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      2. Thank you I will change it, Ben


  2. That is lovely, Ben, Greatly appreciated.


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