My Trip To Aviemore Day 2

On the 2nd day we set on one big journey, litterally. We drove up half a mountain then took a cable thing ip to the other half and once I was at the top i could see everything, the brownish green hills and all those little ants, wait no they were humans. I was very king of the world! But 1 thing stood in my way, stupid midges. (Small flys that bite you) and it was cold. Once at the top we went on a couple walks and then went to a cafe were I sat on a wall and all most became humpty dumpty. We went back down and then on the way back we stopped at this really nice part next to a lake (Or a Scotland people call it a Loch)(Like loch ness) I remember playing their for ages because it was a quiet place were I could get on my wellies and stomp around and hit the water with my net for no apsaloute reason. We saw a couple people kayaking, cool, we also played with some ducks. That was most of what I did in day 2!

5 thoughts on “My Trip To Aviemore Day 2

  1. That would be the Cairn Gorm mountain railway 👍

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  2. Wasn’t that the day I cycled up to the car park three times, and you overtook me in the car on one of the times. I’d crashed by going over the handlebars as I’d gone into a pothole that was covered in water, so I had blood dripping down my leg!

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  3. And a broken watch if I recall

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