My Trip To Aviemore Day 1

So after settling in we went to this big lake hut to get to the lake you had to go through this big fat forest filled with beautiful purple flowers and fine trees. I would just like to say I came on holiday with my mum,dad,brother,grandad,nana and my mums brother and his wife and my dog and theirs. I remember running so fast down the forest because it was on like a slope that it didnt even feel like my feet were carrying me, that or I felt like I was litterally about to die. Once we finnaly made it down to the bottom of the forest we arrived at this cafe which we stayed at for a while that was completely made of stone. Just out side of that was the lake so me and my brother went in it. But only the shallow parts. We walked around it somemore and went home because it was far away from home and getting dark.

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