My Trip To Aviemore, (Scotland) The Tour

So I went to here in August 2017 and I had been to scotland so.

The House

So we arrived arrived and the house was in the middle of a big forest and had 2 layers and was quite nice. But let’s start with the garden, it was really big and every day I played badminton. Their was also a swing that we didnt ise because it was covered with squirrel poo and was litterally just a stick. Just around the back of the house was loads of bird feeders that were mainly used not to feed the birds but the red squirrels, yes you heard me right RED SQUIRRELS.

The Living Room

This room wasnt to big or to small, it had 2 pink chairs and 2 pink sofas, just in front of those were 2 wooden tables polished to perfection. Behind one of the sofas was a old flower certain next to a big brown wooden cabinet. Next to the sofa opposite the other one was a big tv. Infront of the table was a Black Fireplace. Above the fireplace was a big golden mirror.

The Kitchen and Dining Room

This room was directly connected with the living room and the main corridor as you walked in you would see the table that was able to seat up to 7 or 8 people behind that were 2 chairs that I never sat on. You would also see on entrance the big row of counters and wooden cupboards. There was also certain but they were green and white.

There was more but only the bedrooms and a storage room filled to the brim with weird stuff.

Read my next blog to see what happens on day 1!

2 thoughts on “My Trip To Aviemore, (Scotland) The Tour

  1. Aw, too bad the swing was covered in squirrel poo. Those stick swings are fun. You spin as you go back and forth, and the tree “sings” to you with rhythmic creaks.

    Liked by 1 person


    Liked by 1 person

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