I Went To A Religious School..

First off I want to say I am no Christian and I dont belive in things and stuff. So this was not my choice. 1st thing weird about a religious school is the schools name. I will not say mine but they all ways begin with Saint …..

Second is the amount of religious stuff everywhere, you look left guess what it’s a cross, look right then you see jesus!!!

So did you go to a Religious School?

Also do not think christianity is bad, I just dont belive in it.

15 thoughts on “I Went To A Religious School..

  1. I have been a teacher in TWO religious schools. I think they are great if you are a believer in that religion, and pretty awful if you’re not. I don’t think it’s fair to make people participate in prayers etc. if they don’t believe. Fine to invite them to observe, but not to MAKE them do it.

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      1. I also think everyone is entitled to an education, and to exclude a child based on the religion of their parents is unfair. Religious schools do take in students of different faiths but only a small percentage.

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  2. I also went to this school

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  3. Interesting points here, Ben. Religious schools have names of Saints, as all organisations have names –
    WordPress, Google, NHS, so this is normal. I don’t understand why are you going to this school, except that they do offer the best education, and it will serve you well in the future. You should feel appreciation for this because to use anybody but still dislike them would be unethical. In my post today, at the end of the post, I included Swamiji’s three golden rules for leading The Life Well Spent, something every intelligent person, like you and I, do aspire to.
    This rule is “Who is helping you don’t forget them.”


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    1. Yes I understand I dont go to that school any more though

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  4. Hey Ben yeah I go to a religious school. I like it a lot I have a lot of friends there.

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  5. Why don’t you believe in it

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    1. Well the story’s just dont add up like Noah’s ark for example how do 1 of every animal fit on a thing with out starving or killing each other

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      1. Noah is a prophet from islam

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  6. Isint Christmas part of Christianity???

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  7. Isn’t Christmas part of Christianity???

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    1. Probably but everyone does it I know even if they are religious or not

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  8. It’s called God ben

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