4 Word Story Challenge 7

Fangs midnight wheel and root.

Down Beneath the thick roots of the even red tree lived a fanged monster called a redroe. It looked like a dog but had 6 legs and had fangs. It was red and brown and could jump up to 100 meters! It was one cold misty night around Sydney, Australia. The redroe was lurking around some shops, looking for prey the time was 11:00 PM. It usually had its food around midnight so that it wouldn’t be seen. It had spotted a lone teenager Walking along the side path if the dead road. The redroe followed for another 30 mins, the teen was still unaware that it had been stalked for the past 30 minutes. Then the teen suddenly turned around so at that moment 12 PM redroe pounced on the teen and ripped out her wheel of cheese she smuggled out off the shops and redroe took it for its self. It loves cheese.

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