4 Word Story Challenge #6

Astronaut, yogurt, kangaroo, spanner These are todays words chosen by

On the 3rd of march 2023 sir Kango set of to space but with a pet, his kangaroo! They wanted to go to mars so they climbed into their gravitational device that works like a big sling shot and shall send them to mars in no time! They had packed 17×4 packs of yogurt, 14 bottles of water and a spanner. They let go of the stick holding them down they were suddenly catapulted like a rock straight out the atmosphere giving them a half sunburn and flung straight towards mars. Whilst they were spinning around, the kangaroo and the astronaut were boxing in space, the astronaut won 3 games, the kangaroo won 12. It had been 12 hours and 1 pack of yogurt had been eaten and 1 bottle of water had been eaten. Then the big red ball of aliens became much bigger. 1 hour later they got ready for impact, they sellotaped them self to wall of their thing, minutes later they smashed into mars, put on their scuba masks and went out, it was really warm and windy and they saw something move, the astronaut hopped on the kangaroo and headed towards the moving thing, as they got closer they made out a human like body but the head was like a circle and the feet were like lions. They captured one with their toilet roll bag and set back off to earth they used their second sling shot to go right back to earth but one thing was wrong, on impact they had spilt a hole in one of the sides of the vehicle so they duck taped it up and put a spanner on it. They then removed a stick from earth that sent them flying all the way back to earth. Straight into zoo and the weird alien was now in captivity and people thought it was a strange monkey.

This story was very fictional and half the things in their are not even possible but I hoped you enjoyed reading it, tell me in the comments what 4 words I should use next!

2 thoughts on “4 Word Story Challenge #6

  1. “The story was very fictional”! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Just brilliant!

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  2. eggs ,send, type, and follow

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