4 Word Story Challenge #5

The words are  Eggs, fridge, toilet and poet chosen by Rowen881

One day joe a 30 year old guy woke up sat on his egg shaped toilets and had a number 2 then he set out the the farm he worked on he was a specialist chicken despatcher. He took care off eggs and chicken meat, one day he went to work and found a rather large egg, it was green and silver and smelled of fresh grass and the forest. Joe took it home and put it in his fridge that he didn’t know was not working and actually cooked the egg. He then took it out the fridge the next day. Wrote a short poem that he took to work then went to a local museum where they studied the egg together. They had absolutely no clue. He then sold the poem to a poem centre and apparently everyone liked it and that is how he became mega rich but he felt like he was hungry for more! He told the museum that he wanted the egg so he got it and since it was really big it took him about a week to eat. It was golden and brown on the inside and was crunchy and sweet. He then wrote another poem and that got loads of attention as well.

If you want to give me 4 more words tell me them in the comments!

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