I Got A Sewing Machine

So last month on the 7th of january I got a sewing machine. Am actually writing this on the 8th of January. We were looking on Amazon for a sewing machine and we bought this one.

This is the one we bought

Currently as the time of writing I just finished making loads of these:

So these are things that I will fill with smelly things, like lavender and then put them in your draws to make stuff smell nice. We have ordered some and it’s coming in 4 days.

And also how the fudge does the machine work?

7 thoughts on “I Got A Sewing Machine

  1. What a lovely idea! Rose petals are also nice, although you might struggle to find roses at this time! Honeysuckle petals? Never tried it myself but the flower smells so good as you walk past it. I imagine it would be gorgeous!

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    1. Never heard of it, I’ll give it a search

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      1. Next time you’re wandering past a garden and you smell lovely flowers, most likely it’s honeysuckle. Even in winter it smells nice!

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  2. Are you getting this right? Never heard of such a setting, but there are new things all the time so you might be right. If you have the taylors scissors you could make scalloped edges to your little cushions.
    Lovely idea, though!


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  3. Think I need one of these just to mend my clothes – does anyone do this any more… 😉
    Many thanks for stopping by my travel and photography blog – much appreciated.

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    1. yeah i use it for needs like that sometimes

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  4. looks like you might need more practise with it, but nice work.

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