4 Word Story Challenge #4

The words for today are under, over, inside and birds chosen by
Azilde Elizabeth

In central London was a big bird house filled with parrots, macaws and many more exotic birds the owner was called miss differ but she had a rival because Over the other side of her building was Mr dewier They kind of hated each other and one day it got a bit out of hand. Since Mr dewier building of birds was just opposite he had a plan. He would dig a big hole under ground over to Miss differs place then everyday put all of his bird feces (Poop) In her place so that she would get less visitors. But at the same time he had started initiating his plan she started doing hers. Miss Differ would swap the parrot food for her birds poop so basically he was giving her poop that she would use to feed to his birds. She didn’t know at the time but she did eventually when she visited Mr dewier to steal some off his money like usual, she saw a big hole in the floor that she knew obviously lead to her bird building. And he realised what she was doing when he went over to steal some of her medications. That none of his poop was their and that when he got back the birds were all green. 1 Month past and they kept doing their dirty secrets until the police got a bit suspicious when they saw the pattern going on. Soon they let their secrets slip because Mr dewier fell in his hole in front of the police and miss differ when she was caught filling food barrels with poop.

This story proves all things may eventuslly get found out and that 2 people doing bad things does not end good which is why miss differ had her place turened into a pizza place and mr dewier had his turned into a hairdressers. Tell me your 4 words in the comments

2 thoughts on “4 Word Story Challenge #4

  1. Don’t have much time today for words, but the story is imaginative.
    Thank you.


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  2. I have got some more words, release, cage, grate and fan.

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