My WordPress Plan

Once i get to like 1000 followers, if I can that would be amazing I will purchase the 7 pound a month thing to get donations and ad revenue that I can then use to get better things for better blogs. Do any of you have this stuff?

6 thoughts on “My WordPress Plan

  1. I have it but I probably don’t make the best use of it. I only got it so that I could buy a domain name. I think I need a WordPress Genius tutorial, like the ones you can get in the Apple store for their devices!

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  2. I have it too but so far I haven’t seen anything fro it but it is cool though

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  3. I don’t know what you are referring to, I don’t sell any adverts and personally would not want to get involved,
    as it is a sordid business. Your choice, money isn’t everything, Ben.

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  4. I don’t get involved, either. Too busy to bother… I probably should, though.

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  5. I have the free plan

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  6. I’ve been thinking of upgrading to either the £3 or the £7 a month thing, mainly for the SEO thing. But not really sure which one of the two to upgrade to.

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