4 Word Story Challenge #3

So the words for today are  puppy, canoe, rotten, thunder. Chosen by

On one sunny afternoon when a little puppy called pepo was running around and jumping, chasing squirrels, the sky got really white. This spread across the news like wild fire, everyone was worried, except the puppy of course, pepo just kept running and chasing all the squirrels. But then it started to rain, but not that much compared to what was to come. The puppy went on a walk in the rain past some shops with the puppy’s owner, a weather analysist. They walked past an old wooden shop called boats and goats! And something caught their eyes, lots of rotten old canoes. They went home and then the rain really started to pick up The owner of the dog said “We might have to use that canoe!” He didn’t think he would have to but there he was up to his chest in water carrying pepo through the junk filled water at the shop. They pulled a rotten old red canoe of the wall and said “this will do just fine!” They jumped onto the canoe and it started to make weird noises. “Well at least it floats” Pepo was on 1 side and the owner on the other. Suddenly a massive bolt of thunder smashed the water right in front of them sending a big wave of water straight at them. The water didn’t push them off just set them going down a big hill. Straight towards a lamppost. “Oh god” they spun around and around as they went down the hill smashing into several cars and 3 houses in the process. A big metal ringing sound happened and for a moment pepo and the owner were fine until the canoe snapped in half sending pepo one way down a hill and the owner another.

Somethings go away and never come back and that’s why pepo never saw its owner again but was took into a service to take care of dogs.

Also follow my other channel Co made by me and my friend tom where we write about story’s. Its called Storytime with us storytimewithme924884592.wordpress.com I don’t know if that works but whatever

In the comments tell me 4 more words!

3 thoughts on “4 Word Story Challenge #3

  1. WOW. That is quite a thriller of a story–poor Pepo–poor weather analyst. But like any good story, things work out in the end, maybe not perfectly, but well enough to let live go on. That was very interesting for me to have my own four words chosen and then made into a custom made story by Triathlon Ben. Thank you.

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  2. Ben, that was a fun read. Poor Pepo, but I’m glad he found a new home. I can think of four words:
    fangs, midnight, wheel, and roots.

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    1. I ma writing the blog with the words now!

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