The 4 Word Story Challenge #2

The Words For today are, kettle, graveyard, snowman and glass. Chosen by my mum. These words are tough.

There was once a boy who lived in a small village, one day it snowed heavily and he went out to play, his mum was warming up some water in the kettle. Whilst ten kettle was boiling the mum went out to build a snowman with her son. The kettle started steaming and shaking. They had built a nice snowman with eyes of stone and a nose of carrot. Suddenly tbe wind blew harder and the kettle was screaming and jumping. Suddenly the kettle gave up, glass came spiraling at the snowman near inches from the mum and sons face, piercing tbe snowman straight in the nose cutting the carrot in half. A few seconds later the snowmans head came crashing down to the snowy ground below. The Snowman was in its graveyard. Everything comes melting down.

Tell me your 4 words in tbe comments and I might use them!

16 thoughts on “The 4 Word Story Challenge #2

  1. Bit confusing but cool and a lot of spelling mistakes in there. Also I have four words for you. Eggs, fridge, toilet and poet

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  2. Great job! Great story! How about under, over, inside and birds for your next words?

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  4. ….what a great story! hmmmmm….how about: puppy, canoe, rotten, thunder

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    1. It will come up on a future Blog!

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    2. is it okay if i say that you chose those words?

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      1. I’d be so happy if you did, Ben.

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  5. Astronaut, yogurt, kangaroo, spanner. 🤣🤣🤣

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    1. Will hopefully come in the future!

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  6. I hope it’s not to late but what about the words: wander, climax, directions, caution.

    I love your story. Very imaginative.

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