The Lost Child Ep 3

Since the person who found the boy was very rich the child was very well took care of But when the boy was around 7 years old he remembered his past and what his parents had looked like. He went to a rich school, he was a very quiet kid but did get picked on time to time, one time the boy tried to leave school, he never told his parents why…

But as he grew older he was truly adapted to the wilderness and would spend most of his time playing with the squirrels or building tree houses. But when he was 11 he got into an argument with his father and he ran away out into the wilderness, into his true home. We wonder how he survived those nights in an allied way. Maybe he was one with the outdoors…maybe he wont return

3 thoughts on “The Lost Child Ep 3

  1. Maybe a bit longer and perhaps a twist at the end?


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  2. Hi thanks for following my blog!!

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