Challenge Story 4 Random Words Chosen By You

So since this is my first one I’ll ask my mum for 4 words they are. Octopus, Crane,Scissors and Obsidian.

There once was a octopus that lived down in the depths of Atlantica, a place unknown for thousands of years but no octopus lives in peace. One day whilst the octopus was cleaning its neighbouring shells a big metal shard came crashing down. Scissors, loads of them, a whole box. They came down like daggers and unfortunately that was the end of one of his tentacles that was cut off by one sharp piece. Now once falling daggers are rusty old sea garbage. Still no peace. One day when the octopus was exploring new territory a massive crane came crashing down, suddenly ripping off 2 tentacles and breaking the octopuses home below. Peace?Never. This time the octopus was just swimming around Atlantica when suddenly loads of rocks, including obsidian came plummeting down from the above thousands of shards were charging straight at this octopus, people didnt realise their garbage the seas killer. The octopus was hopeless, a shard of Obsidian went straight through its head killing it instantly.

This story has a message, you can figure it out.

10 thoughts on “Challenge Story 4 Random Words Chosen By You

  1. I thought this was being uploaded onto storytime but whatever

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  2. Figure it out? I got it with a spade!! Very good, Ben, wake up social conscious, in any way you can.
    I love this supreme effort, Ben, and thank you.


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  3. Good use of the words and a story lesson to be hopefully learned. It’s a long time coming but your generation can do better.

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  4. I hope it doesn’t come to this and that people learn their lesson! That said, I do love obsidian as a mineral. Obsidian and onyx are both very cool minerals indeed.

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  5. Thankyou for visiting my blog Ben, this is a nice message. What’s with Triathlon?


    1. Well a triathlon is 3 sports in 1 swim cycle and run all after each other, definitely harder than kicking a ball. But since covid I haven’t really done anything triathlon related


      1. So you’ve been preparing for it? I participated in a 30 kilometres marathon recently. 😄

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      2. Wow that’s amazing, yeah I have been preparing I recently did a big bike ride that you may have seen!


  6. Sad ending–with a clear message.

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