My 12 Mile Bike Ride

So I have done this before and its not hard but when its muddy its dangerous just like the case today. We set off went up a hill near my house crossed the roundabout then went to the start of the journey. We started by going up a small hill then along a path surrounded by thorns and what not. We arrived at the first downwards hill that went under a bridge that had been heavily graffitied. I cycled some more over a blue bridge and then about 1 mile or 2 straight to the next place. We arrive dat a junction, but before we chose the way we saw a old rusty car that had been set on fire or maybe even blown up.

Take a look at that

After that we cycled along a train track then headed to the HILL OF DOOM this hill had 2 sides the big drop of death and the drop of death. Its deadly, I went down the smaller one then once I was confident enough I went down the big drop of death. I started going down it when I realised I was in the wrong gear. I was planning to go down the big hill and io the smaller one that was directly opposite. I got some speed then started going up the other hill and I got like  10 cm from the top then my burn stopped and I was litterally like on the floor trying not to let my bike hit me. It did hit me so then we continued on our journey.

If the video doent work it’s just the video of me doing it.

We later crossed a road and entered the  SWAMP OF DOOM. This place is really sketchy, you ride on your bike right next to brown water with a massive amount of algae on top. And that’s not it there is sharp wooden planks and probably mutated crocodiles. It’s a sight you dont want to see. I exited that area and went into a newer pleasant place. I thought it would be nice but since I was a bit wet from some rain the large amount of wind it blew at you didnt help from that point on I was freezing. I kept on cycling because I didnt feel like stopping, I went over a crystal blue stream and into the WOODS OF DOOM. It was a big forest with lots of small ponds and was really muddy I wobbled left to right but nothing stops the stupid mud. I reached the end of the muddy part then I realised their wasnt much left. What stood between me and the halfway point was some paths, me and my brother sped down the paths and then I saw a big metal bar and my brother said it’s a limbo bar so what did he do, he tried to go under it. He succeeded, I tried I failed and banged my head on the metal but luckily I had a helmet on and didnt get hurt much.

We finnaly got to the place, had some food and pretended I was a jouster on a horse. Then I did it all again and I almost got hypothermia, I felt frozen. Here are some photos.

My dad me and my brother
Graffitied wall.

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14 thoughts on “My 12 Mile Bike Ride

  1. I just want to let you know you have inspired me today with this post. Thanks!

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  2. I loved it. I especially liked your funny descriptions of the area. That’s quite a long ride! Your blog made my morning! 😄


    1. Well right now I just had dinner and I’m making my first ever pancakes, I might go a blog about it. Thanks

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      1. Sounds good. I think our time difference is eight hours.

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  3. Let’s see . . . mud, freezing temps, wind, ice water puddles, algae, mutated crocodiles, sharp wooden planks . . . and you do this because . . .?! Actually, I admire your self-discipline and perseverance!

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    1. Trust me it wasnt my idea!!!🤣

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      1. Ah-HA! THAT explains it!! ; )

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  4. That’s quite a distance!

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  5. This is amazing, thanks for sharing this Ben!

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  6. Brilliant photos. And you are such a good writer. I can see you going into journalism in later life. 😊

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