Most Of The Places I Have Been To

My most recent place/holiday i went to was isles of Scilly.

I have also stayed at pensanze for a night before going to isles of Scilly.

I have been to London around 2 times, 1 with my nana and grandad the other with school, and yes I have seen Buckingham palace and I have been on the big Ferris wheel thing (I have forgotten its name, is it eye of London or something)

I have stayed in wales around about 3 times, the place I stayed for all of them was really cool and i hope to go there again.

Near wales is Bristol, I have stayed their a couple of times.

I have also been to Anglesey, an island off the west of England. I stayed there for a week and I may be going back this year! I also wrote a blog about my holiday there, if you look through my channels posts you might find it.

I have also stayed in nottingham.

At Flamborough Head, I have been there about 8 times but sadly the caravan we stayed in got sold.

I also have stayed somewhere between Middlesbrough and Scarborough.

I have also been to isle of man, defiantly one of my favourite places.

I have also been to France, Disney land for a couple of days but I don’t remember much since i was like 3 at the time.

And i have stayed at Scotland for a week which was very fun.

That was probably not all of my places i have been to but whatever!

12 thoughts on “Most Of The Places I Have Been To

  1. The Isles of Scilly – such a wonderful place…:)

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  2. Sounds adventurous. Have you been to Australia?

    It’s summer here and a very hot one at that. I’m looking forward to Autumn.

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    1. Oh your Australian! I kinda wish I was, i think the accent is nice but no i ha ent been to Australia

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      1. We don’t have an accent. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Being an Australia is pretty good but we have Covid restrictions too that can be a difficult when people just won’t do as they are asked and stay home if they are unwell or waiting for Covid test results.

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      2. I hate covid tests i had one and I I litterally screamed and cried, they put a cotton bud down your throat

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      3. We live in a town that has been far away from Covid hot spots where we had just 1 case in January 2020 and they were in quarantine after they got off a cruise ship. I haven’t had a Covid test yet but I don’t go very far from our home. If I were to have one, my doctor will organize a blood test because I get a lot of nose bleeds and sometimes they take forever to stop.

        Let’s hope the vaccines are successful. ๐Ÿ™‚ Take care Ben.

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  3. Sounds like a great list – I loved Anglesey!

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    1. I think I’m going again this year!

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