What I Got For Christmas

A Horse Mask

A Toner Microphone

RC Car

Glow up lights to go around my desk.

Touch pad art thing

Pug pen holder

2 cans of deodorant

1 Shampoo bottle

2 massive blocks of white chocolate

Box of chocolates

Fart Extinguisher

24 Acrylic paints

A monopoly game

Fruit salads, Black Jack’s and Wham

3 Cans of toxic WASTE

Yeah some of those
Nerf Gun
Whittling kit
Whittling books
Survival book
Whittling Gloves
Mini Metal Detector

5 thoughts on “What I Got For Christmas

  1. Almost a month late but whatever

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    1. And your pictures aren’t working

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  2. Two cans of deodorant, eh? Just what are you doing? Just kidding 😅

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