Storm Christoph

So in the uk storm Christoph has arrived and places are being flooded my window is all wet and rivers are overflowing. That is not good. But i kind of hope it snows. But it most probably wont. Luckily im not really being affected and i hope you are not either.

8 thoughts on “Storm Christoph

  1. Here in Wyoming, USA, it is 20 degrees F and cold. Were e expecting snow later. Stay dry my friend!

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    1. Lucky, I wish it snowed a lot more


      1. Are you home schooled or doing virtual classes? My grandchildren are homeschooled

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      2. How do you like it? My 17 year old grandson says it’s okay, but tiring on computer.

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      3. I just hate putting on stupid hand sanitizer at school that makes your food taste like vinegar

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      4. Maybe use it and then rinse off in clean water before you eat?

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