Blogs I Didn’t Upload…..

These are mainly blogs i stated writing then completely just forgot or some

This is Film Review: Marvel Civil War

So at the start of the movie a group of bad people go and steal a chemical from a chemical skyscraper the team/avengers chase them around a town and they catch the bad peoples commander and he blows him self up and scarlet witch saves Captain America by throwing the man blowing him self up into a building but that kills countless people. Now The government are questioning them.

Another blog i didn’t finish is this

My Running Time Trial

Today I went to my running bit of the triathlon club and it was fat ugly rain, if you know what I mean and we got told that we were doing a time trial of how fast does it take you to do 3 laps so 10 mins laterf

The last is this, its over 1 year old!

Today I went running and it was freezing, everywhere was frozen! Because it was a fancy dress run I wore a 118 costume and a moustache the race started and we had to run around a 1000meters track

yes that one was very weird and I still remember doing it.

3 thoughts on “Blogs I Didn’t Upload…..

  1. I was going to do this but didn’t have any blogs I scrapped

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  2. That’s a great blog idea. I just checked and I actually have 8 drafts, some going back several years….meowee! And I thought 2020 was supposed to be the hindsight year…MOL. =^,,^=

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    1. Ha I recommend you do a blog similar then

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