My last Caravan HOLIDAY!

Day 1

Today is the day of getting there so, this is what happened. I loaded the car in the rain but like normal (Cause I’m in England) it has been raining for 2 days straight and it still is at the time writing this, we are both planning to go fishing and catch lots of stuff. Also if we catch a big fish we might eat it for tea! After 2 and a half hours we got there, we unpacked, we had rice and chicken for dinner then we went to bingo beats. (Bingo but if you have the song you mark it and you get big prizes, I once won a teddy bear worth £70 for free) and we didn’t win.

Day 2

Today we started of the day by having breakfast, I had cornflakes with honey then we went to Bridlington a big town by the sea, and when we got there we walked along the beach looking for razor clam holes, we were using a bottle filled 1 third of salt and 2 thirds of water to pour down the holes to make the clams come up. After a while we found a hole(We=Me, my dad and my brother) and we pored the salt water down the hole so that the clams thought it was high tide and after a few minutes it pocked its head out and I had to wrestle it to get it out the hole, after 5 seconds I got it and it’s white sucker tried to sucker my face of! Then we got some bait and my dad went fishing whilst me and my brother was crabbing right next to him. There was these people next to us who caught fish 30cm long from a crabbing net then of course I did. After a while I caught a type of spider crab! (In bridlington) then the people next to us caught a massive edible crab so big you could eat it.

Day 3 Wet day,

Today we started of by going swimming 🏊and out side it was big fat ugly rain.🌧️After swimming , we went to a beach were we were metal detecting, after 2 seconds of being there it was really big fat ugly rain. That is it!

Day 4

Today we went to bridlington to get some bait for the day a head of us then we went to Filey. When we got there we went razor clam hunting,we caught 0/0. Then we went to this playground with this thing that you hold onto and you get spun very fast and if you let go…🤕. Then the tide came in and after a while my dad caught a massive sea bass.

I had 3 more days but I probably forgot to write them and that was the last time I got to go to my caravan it got sold.

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