Making The Globe Theatre Cake

Sorry there wont really be any instructions but just what happend.

We started of by getting

2 cake mix boxes.
We then greased up the baking tins

We have a problem, since we are using 2 cake mixes only 1 can go in the oven at once.

We are now putting the baking paper on the baking tins
Me cracking the eggs
Me adding the oil, water and cake mix.
I then poured the mixture into two equal bowls.

Now time for the oven and will be in their for 25 mins and whilst that is cooking i did it all again:

Me doing all the steps again

So the first batch of cake was out now for the 2nd batch
Now we have them all we just need to decorate because that does not look anything like the globe theater

So now for the decorative part

We started out by putting icing sugar on the counter then we got our fondant icing ( We will use that to cover the cake to make it look more like the globe theatre. We are going to cut out the middle of all 4 cakes then stick them together with icing.

Well all we need now is a roof

Ok this blog took 5 hours so please just give a comment, follow all that good stuff.

4 thoughts on “Making The Globe Theatre Cake

  1. Excellent idea, Ben. Looks very good and tasted no doubt, better.


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  2. Five hours well spent, Ben! Your Globe Theatre cake is fabulous!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Wow! That’s amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

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