Cheesy Star Wars Jokes

How many sith lords does it take to change a life bulb? Two; One to change the bulb then another to destroy him and take the credit.

Actually, I never bother changing my lights, I am a dark lord after all.

Why shouldn’t you ask yoda for money? He is always a little short

How did Boba Fett feel when he got a new jet pack? Uplifted

Seriously Vader’s whole left side got cut off. But I hear he is all Right now.

Why did the droid cross the road? It was programmed by a chicken.

I ordered a million camouflage uniforms for the troops, but now I cant find them.

What did the cow think of the death star? “That’s no moooooooooooooon”

How does a Jedi make calls? On Their Yodafone

Its really wet on Coruscant. The emperors been reigning for years!

What do dro

4 thoughts on “Cheesy Star Wars Jokes

  1. Your getting desperate

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    1. I just read a book and thought oh that nice!

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  2. Have you read the Young Jedi Knights series? Jacen Solo’s got a million bad Star W jokes in them (including the one you listed there at the top). Some of the other characters chime in from time to time, too. It’s fun!

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    1. I have not read it but like most people I have seen the films

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