The Sprapple

The ingredients you will need are


Any amount of apples

So you cut the apple into slices and fill a bowl with sprite of lemon juice. Then add the slices to the bowl then let it soak for 5- 20 minutes then let it dry and it’s ready to eat!

3 thoughts on “The Sprapple

  1. Are you ok lemonade and apples!!!!! 🤨🙄🙄👹

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    1. It’s a better combination that’s what I was expecting – I thought it was going to be sprouts and apple!

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  2. Hi, Ben, I don’t know if you are aware that you have set something wrong because the very interesting post How I Got Here is not accessible. Every time I press ‘Like’ it shows this page is not… I don’t know who wrote the story but it could be of interest to Mr. Spileberg. If you said your age in a letter and sign – Ben, the Genius.


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