My Dog

This is my dog

He is 91 years old in Dog years

His name is Brody An she was born in 2007 yes he is older than me

He is a Border Collie and he did have a friend/ cousin who lived here but sadly he died his name was echo rip.

This was brody as a puppy

4 thoughts on “My Dog

  1. What a lovely friend you have, Bob. You should have written about him earlier. I am not sure if it is she or he (you write both) but Brody would indicate it is a boy. Do you take him for long walks? Sheepdogs need a lot of action, don’t they? Excellent age, well looked after and happy.
    Thank you.


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    1. we wont any longer he gets ill very easily and has lost his senses so its hard to get him to even stand up! And its a boy

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